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Defence: Quantity has a Quality of its Own.

The primary duty of the government is to ensure the safety of its citizens. The flip side of this coin is the state has a monopoly of force. To achieve these objectives the state must have adequate armed forces, police and security services.

20 Feb 2024

Road Flooding.

We have just experienced severe rainfall which resulted in a lot of localised flooding.  Much of this flooding is on our roads over recent years and feels worse than it has ever been

11 Jan 2024


The latest homelessness figures revealed that 34,850 were threatened with homelessness between April and June. The figures also show 105,750 families are living in temporary accommodation...

23 Dec 2023

The Autumn Statement.

We listened with rapt attention to the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement with the expectation that he would address two of the main issues haunting our great country: the cost of living crisis and our crumbling NHS.

28 Nov 2023

Water or Sewage Companies?

Water is essential for life but like so many other essentials we need it in a controlled fashion. Too much causes floods and too little droughts. Key to our supply of water are the water companies, yet these companies have continually failed us ...

14 Nov 2023

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